Cadillac expands its range of vehicles by presenting new EV model

Posted on 15 January, 2019

Cadi tea has managed to fortify its positions as one of the leaders in the segment by revealing brand’s first electric vehicle. Based on a new EV platform, the new lineup will be the vanguard of brand’s move towards an all-electric future.

Cadillac EV’s name and details will be revealed closer to launch. However, what we know so far is that the team will aggressively push boundaries of both technological solutions and new model unveilings. Also, the company has hinted at both a new Escalade model and an upcoming high-performance sedan. As it seems, Cadillac will introduce numerous more models by 2021.

GM’s future EV platform, in which Cadi team will be the first to use advanced technologies, along with flexible business and technological solutions. What GM has promised is that it will respond quickly to customer preferences and would ensure needed changes and updates in relatively short time. Sweet!

The most advanced components within the newly developed platform are indeed the drive units and battery cells, both of which are being designed for optimal usability and performance rates. EVs can be configured in front-, rear- or all-wheel drive, along with personalization of battery systems, according to customer needs.