Creating a homemade a track-oriented race car is really a hard job. Even, if you don’t pay for labor, the performance parts are really expensive. Even, if you choose to build on an almost prepared performance car like Chevrolet Corvette you will still need a lot of money. One of best ways to get them is to bet on many sports categories at Almost all people, who like sports cars are keen on other sports, too. So you can combine pleasant and useful way of getting money. For you track-oriented race car you will need a roll-cage, special suspension, performance brakes, low-weight wheels and good tires. There are thousands of performance brands, so you will have to research and choose carefully and wisely, because not all of them are very useful and good. For example, if your engine is supercharged, you will need a bigger supercharger and more effective cooling system as well as improved fuel supply and nice sports exhaust system. After all is installed, you will have to tune the vehicle carefully in order to get perfect results - maximum power and rigidity. After that you will have to tune the suspension in order to get good handling and maximum traction, because this is extremely important to be fast and safe, of course. Coilovers are expensive, but are the best way to adjust everything – height, stiffness, camber and caster. When you think that your car is ready take it to the race track and have lots of fun with it. After that you will start to retune it, again, but you will be super happy of doing this.