On the one hand, to possess your own car is something that every person should empathize with. It is very nice to know that the car is waiting for you in the garage, always ready to be at your disposal. Still, you always have to bother about the running costs, fuel costs, and many other things - because owning a car is also quite a responsibility. Looking around for used cars for sale is only the first step and far not the last. Buying and selling is not a problem, but taking care of your car could turn into a true adventure, especially when it is a bit older. More and more parts need replacement with time, which means a lot of money. Moreover, if you are not good mechanic or you don’t have enough spare time, the auto repair centers will make a fortune from you.

On the other hand, you can get pretty much any car you desire for several weeks or months easily without 'tying' yourself to a pile of metal. If you need a van for your family holiday - simply look at the long term van hire ads online and within an hour you are ready to go. Furthermore, if you don’t like your rental, you can switch it with something else you deem more suitable to your needs and taste. Of course, renting itself is not cheap and the sums you will spent sometimes could be bigger than you would as an owner, so you have carefully to pick out the best long-term rental deal.

At the same time the second hand vehicle market is huge and, if you choose carefully, you can even earn some money from buying and selling cars.

So, if you need a car for a long period of time, such as several years, you should definitely buy one because renting would be way to expensive. If you drive just two or three months per year, though, a long-term rental is the better choice.