Bentley celebrates 100th birthday and honors vintage models!

Posted on 1 April, 2019

Bentley’s centenary celebrations continue in 2019 with the anniversary of one more iconic model. Indeed, we talk about the S2 Continental Flying Spur. It was first unveiled 60 years ago and since has reminded everyone what exclusivity and innovation should look like.

The elegant S2 features an all-new aluminum V8 unit that not only delivers smooth driving experience, but also offers a neat sporty feeling. It is an L Series 6.2-liter power unit that replaces the original 1959 system. In fact, this vintage engine has featured some outstanding technologies for the time – electrically-operated ride control, electric rear window, demisters and press button window lifts.

Furthermore, there are tons of advanced features in the S2. Power steering, electrically-operated ride control and fully automatic gearbox are just some of the features that defined the luxury back in the day. Additionally, S2 Flying Spur offered electric rear window demisters and press button window lifts. Sweet!

On July 10, 2019 Bentley celebrates 100 years – an extraordinary milestone achieved by a few companies. In order to honor the occasion, a year-long series of special activities and events has been planned. And just like the anniversary of the S2 Continental Flying Spur, Bentley team will highlight its overall contribution to the world of motorsport in a spectacular way. How? We are about to find out!