These days, people look for ways on how they can save money even when it comes to buying new cars. Most of these people go for cars that are fuel efficient cars. It is a good thing that there are car brands that introduce efficient cars in the auto industry. One of the many car brands that help buyers and shoppers is Chevrolet. This article will cite the benefits of buying cars that are fuel efficient and will cite Chevrolet cars that are made to be fuel efficient. Helps Protect Mother Nature Mother Nature encounters many problems these days and is getting serious every day. There is the problem of pollution which can be caused by many things such as garbage or trash, bad practices of people, and the increasing number of people. Buying fuel efficient cars can help drivers protect Mother Nature as they prevent the burning of gas which is included in the long list of fossil fuels. Team Chevrolet comes with a long list of fuel efficient cars, too. The cars include the Cruze Eco, Malibu Eco, Sonic Hatchback, Sonic Sedan, etc. (see full list of fuel efficient models at Lynch Chevy. Cruze Eco is a sophisticated car model and one of the fuel efficient cars introduced by Chevrolet. This model is fuel efficient for it cuts almost a hundred pounds from its weight curb. It shrinks gas tank of up to gallons of 10.5 and also simplify its rear suspension. This model comes with a good look that buyers will love. It looks macho with its front end that is chiseled, rear spoiler, and amazing interior design. Another fuel efficient car model from Chevrolet is Malibu Eco and it is offering buyers and shoppers with an amazing gas economy. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized this move of Chevrolet as a wise move and has been thought carefully by the manufacturer. It has an estimated MPG of 25 and has the horsepower of 182 which is good. There are other good things of this car model aside from being fuel efficient, such as the feature for safety and information. The Sonic Hatchback of team Chevrolet is another good looking car that Chevrolet introduced for first time drivers. It is not only fuel efficient but it comes with good features as well for safety and for information just like the two models mentioned. Knowingly, if drivers are able to save money when buying gas, it will go back to their pocket. This is just one of the many good things of having this car. This model is using the continuously variable valve timing (VVT) which makes better the fuel economy. Buy Less Gas and Save More Money The money that drivers can save when buying fuel efficient cars is another benefit of buying this type of car. This type of car can use a controllable amount of gas even in long driving and travel. So the money saved from buying gas can go back to the pocket and can make drivers smile all throughout while driving. So they do not only protect the environment but also help their drivers save.