Cars. Is there anything else on earth that drives us as crazy as the smell of burnt tires on the tarmac or the hum of a V12 engine? But while, like people, cars come in all shapes and sizes, from large and commanding to small and easy to manage, others were built with just one purpose – to be sexy. Whether you’re lucky enough to own your dream car, or get your kicks from staring at a model version on your desk at work, you’ll appreciate this compilation from the elite of the auto world. Check out the five sexiest cars ever to speed down our highways.

1. Ford GT – Who would have thought that US giant Ford would match the Italians in terms of style and speed? The Ford GT packs 600 horsepower under that sexy hood and, with carbon-fiber construction and body panels; its stunning aerodynamic design and Le Mans prototype racer shape make this breathtaking sports car not only rival the very best but surpass them.

2. Pagani Huayra – One of the fastest road cars ever, named after the Quechuan term for “God of the winds" this unabashed Italian exudes sex appeal with its twin-turbo, V12 6.0-liter engine developed by Mercedes-AMG. At full throttle round the track, the Huayra's 730 horsepower certainly leaves the wind in the face of bystanders watching agape. Its stunning design and lightning speed, along with its exclusivity and VIP-only market share make the Huarya sex on wheels.

3. Ferrari 275 GTB 74 Berlinetta – This bombshell’s wide grille, long flat hood, and shark-gill vents give away suggestions of the power behind this Italian beauty. With a 300 horsepower 3.3-liter V12 engine, the speed of this car matches its elegance. While true Ferrari lovers may still keep a soft spot for Ferrari’s first supercar, the groundbreaking 250, just one look at the super sexy 275 GTB74 Berlinetta from the car maker who redefined the way we think of the color red, is enough to make the spine tingle. Who wouldn’t want to drive one of these on their Bay Area commute?

4. Aston Martin DB5 – Everything about this classy car can be summed up in two words – James Bond. There’s just no having the Aston Martin DB5 without the token beach babes and elegant, sexy women draped over the bonnet. Sean Connery not only took his character, but also this car to iconic status in Bond movie Goldfinger.

5. Mercedes 300 SL – This stunner looks rather more like a piece of art or automotive sculpture than a supercar. Miss Germany could easily win the beauty pageant with her style-setting design, majestic gull wing doors and curves in all the right places. With just 215 horsepower, it may not match the rest in this list for speed, but if you want car buying tips, your money should be on this one. Significantly more accessible than these other supercars, think about how great this would look parked outside your house.

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