Originally there were to be 100 Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro's built. That was the idea from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog, page 44, in 2010. To get one you had to call an (800) number on October 19th 2010 at 12:00 E.S.T. and cross your fingers. All 100, were "snapped up", in under 3 minutes.
They were to be delivered in April 2011 but that didn't happen. Those of on the list were informed in March 2011 that they would be delayed till mid-Summer, 2011. Once they were built and shipped, only 75 of these cars were built in total (30 Manual and 45 Automatic transmissions). There was no actual explanation as to why the additional 25 were not built.
This one was built on July 5th, 2011 and was the 12th one produced. They were shipped in enclosed trucks. Each of these cars has their very own Birth Certificate as well as a window sticker with a M.S.R.P. of $75,000. Aside from the COPO Camaro, these are the rarest of
the 5th Generation Camaro's made. This guy over here spoke to the actual company that painted the cars for G.M. in Michigan. He got ahold of them to see if he could get some of the paint they used so he could paint the rear difusser the same as the body. They were very helpful. The person he spoke to said G.M. asked him to paint a dozen cars then they wanted to see them in person. When they did see the cars, they said the paint was too perfect. Click on read more for more!
They wanted the "orange peel" finish on the cars to look like all other factory painted Camaro's. Then he asked him which number is this 2011 Chevrolet Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro, and it was the 12th - one of the "good ones". Here's the cool stuff - when the owner asked the GM guy about his opinion as to how much it would cost to paint his other Camaro the same color, he said over $20K, easily, as they dismantled the car to paint it.
Anyway, if you open the hood you will notice the engine bay is gloss black. Besides, this tri-coat paint is really expensive. The window sticker calls the paint "Bordeaux", which is not the actual name after all. The color is "Mystic Bronze Metallic". You will notice that is does not actually photograph all that well. When you see one in person, depending on the light, it looks purple, brown, bronze or burgandy. The paint on this car is perfect. No scratches, chips or dings. It has only been washed 1 time in 19 months. It has been waxed 9 times. It is kept in an air conditioned and heated garage, under a silk Cover-King cover. It has never been driven in the rain or even parked outside over night. The top has only been down 5 times.
Before it had 20 miles on it it went to Pro-Tech and got a clear bra treatment . It covers the entire front, lights, mirrors, rocker panels and bottom rear quarter panels. They did an awesome job then jabbed a $1,600 bill for it (worth it!). Now, last thing regarding the paint. Devious Designs, here in Las Vegas, is the best in the business when it comes to painting cars. The owners literally said that this car has one of the best paint jobs they have ever seen in regard to quality, the wet sand, and the clear coat. They are also the people who painted the other parts on this car.
The stock, all original car was , yes, really cool. But, this guy has never been one to leave it at that. Keep in mind that all the O.E.M. parts are available and the car can be returned to "stock" with ease. The rear difuzzer is smoothed and painted the body color. It just looked unfinished and it really made a big difference. While they were doing that he had a Borla A-Tac cat back exhaust installed, with an X pipe. It needed to sound like a Camaro, not a sewing machine. After that the roll bar was installed. With the top down, it looked like it needed to look "tougher", and now it looks really much better than before.
The rims were exclusive on the car. The polish that was done it extremely nice but they didn't accent the cars colors. The Amber interior would benefit from a gold center mesh rim. The owner got ahold of Forgeline Racing and told them what he wanted to do. Not only a "one off" rim, but a center lock rim. They make a custom kit that eleminates the lug nuts. They are very light, very cool and over $2,200, each. While that was going on, the Eibach Pro springs were installed to lower the car 1 1/2 inches, all around.
There was something bothering about the front grille. There was no accent and looked like most other Camaro's. This guy ordered the Heritage grille and had it painted the matte gray that the windshield frame came with, another big difference in appearance. The windows got the latest 3M tint applied, not too dark , just right. The engine is left stock. It's hard to return a car to original if you start doing motor work. It's a really rare car! The car has 960 miles on it. That from going to some car shows and the Saturday morning car club meets. That is an average of 1.7 miles per day but is no "daily". This is a great car to add to a collection or as a display for a car audio company!