We all know the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro is a head-turning muscle car that goes like stink and will certainly get you noticed. But it also comes with significant trade-offs that can make the Camaro hard to live with on a daily basis.

Two engines are available for this timeless gem, in V6 and V8. The buyer is essentially able to pick their poison. Both models have great acceleration for their price. The V6 engine is a 3.6 liter which produces approximately 312 horsepower. Which makes the 2011 chevy camaro a great car of choice both engines have plenty of hp.

This is an upgrade from the previous year’s model, at an 8 horsepower difference. The V8 engine is a 6.2 liter, and produces 400 horsepower. Both versions are available in either manual or automatic transmission. The horsepower of the 2011 chevy camaro increases with the manual transmission to 426.

Turn the key, and confidence transforms into pure adrenaline. Grin-inducing technology like Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing work together to enhance combustion and breathing efficiency throughout the powerband. But the quickest way to nirvana may be through your fingertips. Camaro’s available six-speed automatic transmission comes with steering wheel–mounted TAPshift controls for clutchless manual shifting. Essential for revving anyone’s soul. Read more!

Start with the seats - always a good barometer of quality and attention to detail in any car. Thick bolsters on top of supportive structures let you feel confident but comfortable. The meticulous stitching reminds you of the craftsmanship that went into every aspect of the interior. The deep-dish steering wheel is purposeful and fits perfectly in your hands. Two boldly lit gauges flank a helpful Driver Information Center display. A low-mounted four-pack of
auxiliary gauges—standard on 2LT and 2SS—looks cool but also gives you instant feedback. Perfect for a car that doesn’t like to wait.

If you seek the ultimate, why not own the ultimate—the SS. It’s the supreme Camaro, with performance credentials that compare to many supercars. Its standard 6.2L V8 lays down an incredible 426 hp and a massive 420 lb.-ft. of torque when mated to the standard short-throw six-speed manual. And at 24 MPG highway,1 it avoids the federal gas-guzzler tax. Or go for precision control, 400 hp and 25 MPG highway1 with the available six-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel–mounted TAPshift controls. A performance version of the 4.5-link independent rear suspension with progressive-rate coil springs over shocks and stabilizer bar, plus fully adjustable camber, delivers exceptional agility. And if you really want to show off, Camaro has a competitive driving mode designed for closed track events. This mode features launch control with the manual transmission. It’s a form of Traction Control specifically tuned to control wheel spin and give you an aggressive acceleration edge when the flag drops. When you want to take the world from a blur to a halt, massive four-piston Brembo® performance brakes on all four corners arrest its standard 20-inch2 Silver-painted aluminum wheels and Pirelli PZero™ ultra-high-performance tires.3 Inside, a four-pack of auxiliary gauges (2SS) on the console relays any system feedback that you can’t already feel through the tingling up your spine.

The 2011 chevy camaro has many different models give those interested many different options to choose from. Each and every model equip with its own personal touch of style and specification, the 2011 chevy camaro has something to suit every buyers needs.  Don't forget to check out the Car Reviews website.

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