"According to Street Legal Performance (SLP) in Tom's River, New Jersey, this supercharged 575-hp LS3 V8 for the 2010 Camaro SS not only makes the feds happy but also carries a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty covering all the company-installed modifications, and everything else on the car remains covered by a GM warranty. To maintain those warranties, you must order the ZL575 package through any Chevrolet dealer in the U.S. and Canada at the time you purchase a new Camaro SS. Orders outside the dealership network and installed by any outfit other than SLP carry a lesser warranty.Besides the 575-hp hardware, the ZL575 package ($22,995) includes a long list of dress-up items, including 1-inch-lower springs, 20-inch wheels and a high-rise hood, plus a long list of interior and exterior style items. SLP first made its name with the then little-known but now highly sought-after 1991 SLP Firehawk, a freer-breathing third-generation Pontiac Firebird. SLP has come a long way from there, though. We've tested several Camaro 2SS coupes with six-speed manual transmissions, and most have hovered around 5.0 seconds to 60 mph with 13.0-second quarter-miles at 110 mph. That's a good start, but shouldn't an SS be at least a little scary? Enter the 2010 SLP ZL575 Chevy Camaro SS, running to 60 mph from a standstill consistently in 4.2 seconds (3.9 seconds with 1 foot of rollout like on a drag strip) and shredding the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds at 116.9 mph. Now that's more like it — and a little scary the way an SS (or Z28) should be. These runs came with Nitto 555R Extreme Drag rear tires (275/40R20 inflated to 24 psi), but the same-size Pirelli P Zero street tires were only 0.1 second slower, although far more difficult to launch consistently." Read the full article at Insideline.com

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