Hang on, this is one of the ultimate muscle cars - a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda with enormous power of 1000+ HP! Prepare for some features:

- All aluminum Indy Cylinder Head Motor
- 528 cid 1000+hp 1000 ft lbs of Torque
- Has all best equipment and parts fron Indy Cyl
- 8 quart swing arm Milidon Oil Pan
- TTI headers Ceramic Coated outside - Thermal Coated Inside
- 2-750 cfm Blower Carbs. by Demond
- Blower Shop 871 Blower - 9lbs of Boost

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Trans - 727
- Low Band Apply Valve Body
- Full Manuel reverse Shift Pattern
- Deep Pan
- 4800 Stall Coan Converter
- Kevlar Bands and Clutches by Cope Racing Trans
- Billet Servoes
- Big Pump
- Race Hubs and Planetary Gears
- Trans is good to 2000 hp+

As we know, NO BURNOUTS IN 1ST GEAR! Start in 2nd gear and shift to high at 3500 rpm and hang on!!!!!!

- DTS Strange Rear end - Dana 60
- 4:10 Gears
- 31 Spline Axles
- Detroit Locker
- Cal Track System with Special Built Mono Leaf for this car
- Budnik 15x15 Custom Made Wheels
- Hoosier Quick Time 18.5 inch Wide Rear Tires
- DTS Back Plate
- Disc Brakes - Ford Units and Calipers with Emergency Brake Hubs

- Black gloss with Black satin rear 1/4 panels
- No scratches, dings or dents
- Large Scoop shows through front hood
- Custom wheels and tires

- Custom roll cage
- Custom interior with harness seat straps