Hello, fans, are you ready for the Sale Spec’s Pro Tourning “Project Nasty” - a beautiful 1969 Ford Mustang Pro Touring, supercharged 500 HP road/track beast? It has many awards and magazine covers just like cover of Modified Mustangs and Fords / Second Place Car of the Year Modified Mustangs and Fords / Car of the Month Lateral-g.net / Featured in Popular Hotrodding “Guys who drive their car hard” Article 10/12 / Good Guys Columbus Street Machine of the Year Competition Ford Muscle Pick / MCA Grand National Gold award / Shelby National Convention SAAC / SVT Nationals 1st Place / Detroit Autorama 3rd Place Street Touring 2011 / In the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper weekend of Goodguys Columbus ...

We found this baby on the sale market, built by Christiana Muscle Cars, Inc. to showcase the efforts of the shop and wanted to share with you some of the features of this hot Stang. Don't forget to check out the super cool pictures on Read More!

Design Features
Christiana Muscle Cars worked with Murray Pfaff of Pfaff Designs in Michigan to come up with the design for this bitchin’ pro touring car.  The guys wanted something completely different to showcase their shop, Christiana Muscle Cars, Inc.  http://www.cmcresto.com/.  Many parts of the body modifications were meant for the trained eye to have to really take a hard look at what was changed and what remained stock.  The only body panel that is unchanged is the deck lid.  A few of his design renderings are in the picture gallery.

Body mods include:
- Shaved drip rails (The owner claims to have only seen one other 69-70 fastback with this treatment and at 2011 Good Guys Columbus Street Machine of the Year competition. A Ring Brothers built Mustang.  Both cars were built at the same time.)  There is a ton of work in shaving the drip rails on this car.

- Modified Boss 429 Hood Scoop to clear the 5.4L Supercharged Shelby Engine

- Molded headlight buckets and quarter panel end caps.

- Frenched front marker lights and turn signals in the front valance.

- Shaved Door Handles

- Cobra Style door mirrors. (The side mirrors were just added this year after the car shows were finished last year.)

- Quarter panel treatment to resemble a 1968 Mustang, but custom

- Molded side rocker made from steel.

- Smoothed rear tail light panel

- Sucked and tucked front and rear bumpers.

- Rear belly pan smoothed to include center exhaust outlet.

- Flush gas filler below rear window.

- Flip Down License Plate

- Painted Window Trim

- Smooth Bottom of the Car - Sprayed with a smooth Bedliner that is easy to clean and chip proof

Fabrication / Body Work / Paint:

The guys at CMC worked every inch of metal on this car.  The frame was built and the floor, firewall, rear deck, trunk area and body were all massaged.  They built this car with this engine / drivetrain package in mind the entire time.  You'll notice in the picture albums listed below that very early on in the build the engine was sitting in the chassis. Another cool thing is that these guys were one of the first people to get a Ford 5.4L crate engine!  It just took them 4 years to complete the car in and out of paying customers in the shop.  The exhaust was run before the frame and floor were finished just to make sure there was room for everything.  The Ride Tech air suspension was right in the planning of the car the entire time.  This lead to mini tubs to get the wide tire in place and to get the drop required for the killer parked stance.  When the metal work was finished the car was media blasted and the body was put in epoxy primer.  Then the huge amount of body work began.

CMC skim coated the entire body with high quality gold level body filler.  The body was block sanded all by hand.  Leaving a very thin layer of filler to give the body a super smooth finish.  Then the body was sprayed with a high build sanding primer...block sanded...again and again.  A pneumatic DA sander never touched this car.  The pictures do not do the car justice.  There is a ton of metal flake in the custom blended orange / copper paint.  Also the black has metallic in it as well that is a great feature.

The entire interior of this car is fully customized.  To start with there is a full spare in the back deck area like Shelby did with the 1965 Shelby Mustang.  It surely ties in nicely with the Shelby engine.  The sides and back of the rear seat areas are hand made wood panels that are wrapped with foam, shaven down and covered with leather.  This is real super nice leather.  It isn’t the cheap stuff as it still feels and smells new.  All of the leather inside is the same and matches.  The seats were originally a Scat seat that the upholstery shop took apart and remade foam and covers out of our leather.  Christiana Muscle Cars went with a design that would remind you of a Mustang seat but better and with orange stitching.  The console is custom and wrapped in leather.  The door panels were custom made and custom designed.  They were made from wood and foam and wrapped in leather.  While we are speaking of the leather the trunk is enclosed and wrapped in the leather as well.  The carpet is a very plush automotive carpet that looks great.  The upholstery shop also made floor mats out of the same material.

The sound system is an Alpine with 4 large speakers and 2 tweeters in the door panels.  It sounds great and is very smooth and loud!  The antennae is a hidden one on the windshield.  There could be some improvemetns, but the radio has a CD player and USB port in the front for your phone or ipod type device.

The steering column is a tilt column with a LeCarra steering wheel.  The gauges are in a custom bezel from JME Enterprises that enclose Autometer gauges.  Rounding out the interior are the Ride Tech air suspension controls and the vintage air climate controls.

There are two Optima Batteries that are tucked in the quarterpanels on either side of the car.  Also there is a master switch in the console for security and for showing the car.  You can have the doors open and not kill the batteries.

The highlighted part of this car is the engine.  It is a Ford Racing Crate Shelby GT 500 Supercharged engine new right from Ford.  It is rated at 500 Hp but dyno tuned it should put out about 525 to the rear tires.  The engine is backed by a McLeod RS-X dual disk clutch and a Tremec T-56 transmission, Currie Rear and Currie axles. These are all new parts and not ‘salvaged’ from a donor car.  The shifter is a limited custom design.  It was used to get the shifter back in a normal position and is a solid mounted piece so it has good feel but you will also get some vibration through the handle.  Also, here are some points of interest when it comes to the engine and engine compartment.  Custom designed CNC billet spark plug coil covers and oil fill cover.  The throttle body adapter was custom made out of a block of aluminum.  The throttle body was flipped upside down and the air cleaner tube was custom made out of steel.  Some extreme measures were taken to accomplish this all so the stock hood could be used with only a big hood scoop.  Thank to the professional work of CMC, the hood isn't a monster fiberglass piece but a smooth one.  Aluminum radiator with large fan keeps the engine cool and at operating temps.  It is covered with a trick aluminum cover and a cover was made from the grill to radiator support to direct air flow into the radiator and to just look cool.

The fuel system begins with the aluminum fuel cell that sits between the rear bulkhead of the interior and the enclosed trunk area.  It is a return style fuel system with all Aeromotive components including the A1000 fuel pump / filter and fuel injector rails.

Frame / Suspension:
The frame of the car was custom made and all tied together to really stiffen things up.  The car started out as a pretty rusty piece but all that was really used was the roof / pillars and rockers.  The floor, firewall and front structure were all custom made.  The suspension begins with a Mustang II style front clip with power rack and pinion steering.  CMC made the upper and lower control arms and set it up for a lower ride height checking the bump steer in the process.  What's more, they had to make room for the Ride Tech shock wave air shocks in the front.  The rear suspension is a beefed up Ride Tech 4 bar system.  Initially the air ride system did not need a front sway bar but it really handled like a truck with a ton of body roll.  Then, a race type of sway bar was installed and this mod really tightened the car up.

Bonspeed Hunnington’s 19x10 on the back and 19x8 on the front.  The spare is a 19x8.  It is a regular rim and tire and could be used but there is no jack or wrench that come with the car.

The brakes are from SSBC and are 13” on the front and 14” on the back all 4 piston calipers powder coated black.  Also, the pedals are from Tilton Racing Products.  It utilizes a balance bar pedal set up instead of a proportioning valve and has 3 small master cylinders, one each for the clutch, front brakes and rear brakes.

Some final words from Christiana Muscle Cars
"I built this car to showcase the efforts of my shop Christiana Muscle Cars, Inc in New Castle, DE. http://www.cmcresto.com/  We showed it mostly in 2011 and it won awards at all the shows I took it to.  This is especially true for the major shows including the Detroit Autorama, Good Guys Columbus and the SAAC / SVT Nationals.  I took it through all of those white glove shows pushing it on and off the trailer.  I then drove it and worked all of the bugs out of it.  This included some time on the road course and the Good Guys Auto Cross which required the addition of a front sway bar.  It currently has almost 800 miles on it.  These are miles well spent debugging this car.  I've driven it around town, taken my wife out to dinner in this car and it turns heads wherever it goes.  You'll notice most of the pictures do not include the side mirrors.  I added them this past summer when I began driving the car on the street.  It was very difficult to drive without the mirrors.  This car is in excellent condition.

I have over $200,000 invested in this car of parts and labor.  This includes over 6,000 hours of highly skilled man hours from guys who build and restore cars for a living.  If this was a customer car in my shop it would have cost well over $350,000 to build.  I am selling this car because I am into racing cars more than showing them. I'm like every other racer the next best race car part is out there and I must have it!  I know this is a great car and someone is going to enjoy it for a long time."