This lovely 1969 Dodge Hemi Charger 500 has:
- True J code Hemi car
- ORIGINAL build sheet!
- Restoration by Julius
- Super Performance Axle Package
- Detailed, clean and QUICK!

One of one…that phrase gets thrown around a little too often.  Usually, the reason there’s only one is simple:  Not one person wanted another.  This gorgeous Charger 500 here, though, certainly doesn’t qualify.  It’s one of the hottest limited production Mopars ever built, it’s Hemi powered, and white over red is on of the best combinations put together, ever, from the dawn of motoring to the present day.  Restored by Julius, finished to the nines and documented by Galen as the only white over red Hemi 500 this Charger is a star among stars. Click on Read more!

Peer over the flawlessly straight panels and realize W1 white is the perfect blank canvas for Dodge’s finest curves.  Massaged until they glowed every panel shows the quality and thoroughness for which Restorations by Julius is known throughout the Mopar community.  Up front you’ll find a restored grille held in place by all of the proper and 500-specific brackets.  Move over the mint fenders, super clean doors and arrow straight quarters to wind up at the signature Charger taillights.  Move over the greenhouse with excellent glass and highly polished trim to the 500-specific rear window plug and original decklid and you’ll see nothing was overlooked.  Painted steel wheels with dog dish center caps and new Firestone Wide Ovals and the red bumblebee stripe finish off the clean and businesslike exterior.  There are two known 440 cars in this color combination, too, but the Hemi up front changes desirability drastically.

Documentation is critical to the rarest cars and this one isn’t lacking--both its original fender tag and broadcast sheet are here.  Highlights include the A11 Aero package, A32 Super Performance Axle Package with the 4.10 Dana rear, W1 White paint, C6R red vinyl buckets, B41/B51 power disc brakes, W25 rocker moldings and the S81 sports woodgrain steering wheel.  Other than a tick tock tach in place of the factory clock this 500 was restored by the numbers.

Open the properly plated gray phosphate hood latches and examine the engine compartment carefully.  With the 4.10’s out back and a minimum of creature comforts it’s no wonder the engine shown here is a properly dated replacement rather than the original mill.  The proper 4619S and 4621S carbs are on the original intake manifold while an original dual point distributor is properly in place.  The rebuilt 426 sports all new parts on the inside and fresh, even paint outside--this is a show car, after all.  The rechromed air cleaner is up top, a correct 054 radiator is up front with an original transmission cooler and correct fasteners are everywhere.  Make no mistake about the car’s show credentials, though--this car’s still all “ate up with motor,” as the circle track guys like to say.

Put the car on a lift and see the original floorpans covered in factory-correct undercoating--Julius builds his cars to drive.  Correct parts run from the sway bar end links to the resonators in the exhaust, finished properly and new.  The big Dana and the 727 Torqueflite transmission were gone through, as were the fuel and braking systems.  This truly is a car with which you can gather show trophies and Saturday drag awards in the same day!

Inside you’ll find a host of original parts mixed sparingly with correct reproduction pieces.  You’ll sit on new upholstery on the seats while admiring new door panels, a new headliner and a new carpet set.  Performance Car Graphics-restored gauges sit in front of you lying behind rechromed instrument panel bezels.  The original seat belts hold you in place, rechromed armrest bases and handles are at your sides and the dash pads are excellent originals.

Few people get a chance to see a Hemi 500, and fewer people still can claim ownership.  Rare and desirable, this is one Mopar you don’t want to pass on!