The Yenko Super Camaro was a modified Chevrolet Camaro prepared by Yenko Chevrolet, Canonsburg, PA., under the command of Don Yenko from 1967 through 1969 and we, present it to you. Don, a renowned racer and the owner of Yenko Chevrolet, decided the new for ’67 Camaro needed a bit more oomph. This was because a General Motors corporate edict prevented it from carrying an engine larger than 400 CID V8; this put the Camaro at a serious disadvantage to the Ford Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda and the Dodge Dart since they had no such a limit.

Don Yenko, however, knew there was a market for an ultra-powerful Camaro and found ways around the GM limit. To accomplish this task he transplanted the L-72 427 big block engine form the Corvette into the Camaro, thus the Yenko SC or Super Camaro was born! Seeing how successful Don’s creation was, other dealers across the Country also did similar swaps, but the Yenko is widely considered the most collectible of the bunch. Click on Read more!

By 1969 Don was able to order the Camaro directly from GM with the 427 installed on the factory assembly line using a Central Office Production Order, or COPO. The cars arrived at Yenko with the drive train in place. The orders included power disc brakes, a 4.10 Positraction rear end, a stronger front stabilizer, and a heavy-duty 4-core aluminum radiator. They were then treated to the SC package with included front and rear spoilers, Cowl Induction Hood, special side and hood stripes, special "Yenko 427" badges, twin stripes down the flanks and hood, and the sYc (Yenko Super Car) badge.

Buyers of the car had the option of either the M-21 four speed or the Turbo Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission. A total of 201 cars were sold in 1969, 171 with four speed transmissions and 30 with automatic transmissions. According to the Camaro Research Group, standard black interior (code 711) was the only interior ordered by Yenko. However, many Yenko tribute cars have a white interior.

These beasts became instant collectables and there legend and popularity has only grown stronger as the decades have passed. As a result, many counterfeit examples have been built, bought and sold. However, there are still some authentic examples to be had. Namely, the example presented here! This SC is in excellent condition throughout and still sports its original interior! The engine is correct, but not original and features power brakes, power steering and a Muncie 4-speed transmission. It’s the real deal with excellent integrity and it’s listed in the Yenko Registry. A piece of muscle car history!

Yenko registry can be verified on the