This four-owner 1965 Shelby GT350 is being offered after approximately four decades in a private collection. Built at almost exactly the mid-point of first-year production, it incorporates several interesting features related to the running changes made early in the production process. Serial number SFM5S265, it was received at Shelby American on May 14, 1965. The transformation from stripped Mustang to full-blown Shelby began on the same day and was completed on May 19. It was ordered by Reynolds Motors, Inc. of Syracuse, New York, on June 17 and shipped there on June 21. A radio-delete car, it was invoiced to Reynolds at $3,863.75 including Cragar wheels and freight and first purchased by Kent Bewley of Greenville, Tennessee. It changed hands two more times until Michael E. Cocolichio of Bayside, New York, purchased it in the early 1970s, retaining ownership until 2014. This is a very intact example that retains its original matching numbers 289/306 HP engine, sheet metal and interior. During the time the car was produced, most Shelbys were fitted with MotoLita-made Cobra 16-inch diameter steering wheels with riveted wood rims and three spokes. According to the Shelby Registry, “these were found to be too close to some drivers’ thighs, so when the original batch of approximately 100 wheels was depleted the next order specified that the wheels be produced in 15-inch diameter.” After an overlap period during which both 16- and 15-inch wheels were installed, the 15-inch wheels became the norm, from serial number 5S300 to the end of production at 5S562. This car received the 15-inch wheel during the changeover period. 1965 Shelby GT350 Interior The battery location is another interesting detail. Approximately the first 300 cars were built with the battery mounted in the trunk for improved weight distribution. Customers soon began to complain that acid fumes were infiltrating into the interior. A vented battery cap was tried, but when complaints persisted, Shelby decided to install the battery on the stock location under the hood. This car would have been one of the last delivered with a trunk-mounted battery. SFM5S265 is also one of the last GT350s with the first type of three different hoods used, a one-piece fiberglass unit with a screened plenum beneath the fresh air scoop, which was prevalent but not exclusive in the first 287 cars. Fully-opened all fiberglass hoods and fiberglass hoods with steel frames were also used. Shelby GT350 number SFM5S265 was refreshed in the early 2000s, at which time the Blue Le Mans stripes were added to the car. It remains highly original, its thorough authenticity evident even in such details as the hollow-letter Cobra valve covers and Goodyear Blue Dot tires specially made by Goodyear for Shelby. SFM5S265 is undoubtedly one of the most original of its kind, one Shelby fans will certainly welcome to the collector market with open arms. Source: