By the time the first Mustang Fastbacks became available in September 1964, Ford and Dearborn Steel Tubing had already partially developed the template for what would become the A/FX factory racers. DST eventually built ten cars, all modified to accept the big 427 CI SOHC “Cammer” engine. Those ten cars were delivered to members of the Ford Drag Council, who worked with Ford racing director Charles Grey to further develop them with new pieces from the factory. By June the die was cast, and Grey accepted a proposal from Holman-Moody to build more A/FX Mustangs for independent drag racers. Many of the Holman-Moody cars rose to prominence matching that of the Ford Drag Council, among them this 427 SOHC-powered Fastback campaigned by Larson Ford of White Plains, New York. Prepared and driven by Bob Hamilton and powered by a Cammer engine, this Holman-Moody A/FX Mustang known as “Long Gone” was a top attraction on the northeastern match race circuit and was later campaigned as the “Jersey Rattler”, running as quick as 10.05 at 136 MPH in the Competition Racing Association’s C/Altered class. One of thirteen H-M Mustangs built and one of only five known to survive, this car has been accurately restored to its original as-raced configuration, including its Poppy Red paint and hand-painted lettering. It retains its original 427 Cammer engine complete with a rare Hilborn-style fuel injection system and the unique “torsion-leaf” front suspension components installed in all A/FX Mustangs to allow room for the transplanted 427 powerplants. Significantly, like the Ford Drag Council Mustangs, all the Holman-Moody cars had the rear axles moved forward three inches for better weight transfer. Of the remaining five cars, this is believed to be the only one whose wheelbase was not returned to stock in order to comply with 1966 NHRA rules changes. In addition, it is available with the original magnesium wheels and racing tires. This singular A/FX Mustang is accompanied by impeccable documentation that includes authentication by both Lee Holman and Bob Hamilton, and will command a prominent place in any quality collection. Source: Mecum