Check out this incredible 1963 Chevrolet Corvette - it's the World's Fastest street legal corvette out there! It's a once-in-a-lifetime project, that took more than 5 years and realized by Rod Saboury. But let's get straight to the point - enjoy this mean machine, read the full article and check out the 100+ images in the gallery!

Design and Construction

The 5-year project was started in 2001. In the first 2 years, drawings, schematics, adherence to drag racing rules and local motor vehicle requirements were foremost in the preliminary design. Finding the correct car was also at the top of the "To Do" list. When the car was eventually found, it was delivered to Rod as a shell on a wooden pallet with no frame, the original VIN tags, clear title and a price tag of $800…It was Perfect!

The body was sent to long time friend and fiberglass guru Frank Morawski where the body was stretched 12 inches in three places to maintain proportions. It was widened 3 inches in the rear, the quarter panels were raised 2 inches, a rear wing was recessed into the body and a functioning trunk was created that looked like it came from the GM factory. Overall, it was no easy feat requiring hundreds of man-hours. Great Job Frank. Read more!

The formidable task of the chassis construction was awarded to Lowdown Hotrods in Canada. A full chromoly double frame rail tube chassis built as per NHRA guidelines for a car capable of 200+ mph. LDHR was awarded Chassis Builder of the year for 2007.

Numerous designs were considered and the final creation is something to behold without the body in place. It was almost a shame to cover this unique frame design created by Lowdown Hotrods.

The Michigan based engine shop of Mike Moran had the task of building the engine for Rod’s car. Mike originally designed a 400 SBC engine with big block heads and two 88mm Garrett Turbos to power the car. Mike also designed and built the computer needed to control the nearly 2200 original horsepower rating. In the 5 years since the original build, the engine has been replaced with a billet small block 427 engine currently rated at 2600 HP.

Drag Racing Artist David Carl Peters designed the spectacular custom paint. The design consists of mirror-imaged graphics both inside and outside of the car.

Connery’s Custom Paint applied the final finish using House of Kolor Candy Brandywine with accents in candy neon with unique marbleized accents throughout the car.

Who is Rod Saboury?
Rod Saboury resides in Manchester, Md. with his wife Tina and their beloved cats and dogs. Rod is a 3 time Drag Racing World Champion, 8 time World Record Holder and the winner of too many races to count. He started building his many cars in the 1960’s from Hot Rods to Camaros to Corvettes.

Rod and Tina have met many people over the years and all of them consider this racing couple as two of the finest people you could meet. Many of you can recall that Rod has also had the Worlds Fastest Corvette on two previous occasions with a 1957 and 1953 Corvette. These cars are still around, still running and can be seen at many events.

In addition to these cars, Rod has built other cars that have achieved nationwide notoriety. So after 40+ years, it was Rod’s goal to build the first "Streetable and Street Legal" 6-second car. Naturally, Rod’s choice for that car was a Corvette, a 1963 Split-Window Coupe. This car would be the culmination of all he had learned over the years. To learn more about Rod, his racing history, all of his cars and much more, visit his website at

The Twin Turbo 2600 hp Street Legal 1963 Corvette

This car is now known all over the world as "The World’s Fastest Street Legal Corvette".  Here is what has been done, including updates, over the 5+ years since its completion.

- Certified NHRA and IHRA Pro Mod - 7.50 ET and faster featuring a chromoly double frame rail chassis by Lowdown Hotrods.
- Mike Moran 427 small block Chevy twin turbo engine producing 2600 HP and 1700 Ft Lbs torque. (The car has clocked times at 6.75 at 200 mph in Street trim, but will go faster.)
- 6 second ET cars are capable of reaching 0-60 mph in one second.
- MRE custom sheet metal intake manifold with billet runners
- Dart 'Little Chief' heads
- Custom 'step' headers by Larson Race Cars
- Dart 'Billet' block
- Twin 88MM Garrett Turbos
- Front drive Jesel distributor with Mag 44 cap custom designed by Mike Moran
- Big Stuff 'Gen 3' Pro SEFI
- Big Stuff traction control
- Racepak in dash UDX digital display
- Racepak V300 computer
- 9" AFT triple disc clutch
- Trick Titanium bellhousing
- Lenco CS2 4 speed
- Custom 9 1/2" ford sheetmetal funny car style 'floater' rear
- Strange axles and disc brakes
- Unique custom 8-gallon ice cooler tank located between rear tubs w/marine bilge pump that  circulates ice water thru the chassis to the intercooler and back.
- Pressurized CO2 bottle to launch parachutes quickly into good air
- Powermaster custom made 210 amp alternator that produces 18.5 volts
- High volume Weldon fuel pump with one of a kind voltage reducer to slow pump down for street driving
- 16-volt battery system
- Car can still get 10-15 mph on pump gas!

Wheels and Tires:
- American Racing wheels w/front spindle mounts
- Mickey Thompson SR radials Front-24X5.00X15" Rear-33X22X15"
- Body is a real 1963 split window with original vin plate and correct title

Hundreds of hours spent on bodywork including:
- Lengthened and widened hood, with scoops to house the turbos, that is hinged to open like stock
- Proportionately lengthened 12" (from 108" wheelbase to 110") 6" in rear of front   fenders, 4" in the roof and 2" in the rear quarters
- Quarter panels raised 2"
- Rear of body widened 3"
- Rear wing is recessed into body
- Functioning trunk that looks OEM

Carbon Fiber components:
Hood, Doors, Rear Wing, Seats, Wheel Tubs and a very unique Engine Diaper

- House of Kolor Candy Brandywine over silver base with candy neon graphics and marbleized accents. Interior painted with graphics to match outside
- Inside of doors painted as an exact mirror image of outside.
- Hand painted and airbrushed 3 dimensional hood grills, clock and glove box door with Chip

Other special features:
- Original style roll up headlights
- Power Windows
- Door operated interior lights
- Back up lights, Turn signals and Horn
- Cup holders
- All original correct emblems and door handles
- Custom made Chrome plated Fiberglass Bumpers
- Foose signature.
- Built in "in car" camera
- Built in headset to talk to crew chief

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Then ask yourself the same question which was asked in the 2008 Super Chevy "Car of the Year" article.

Is this the Greatest Hot Rod of all time?