The year 1957 was a watershed one for Corvette. After a transformational season of racing and development that saw Corvette come into its own as a high-performance sports car on the international stage, sales climbed from 3,467 in 1956 to 6,339. The 265 CI small-block V-8 was bumped out to 283 cubic inches, base power climbed from 210 HP to 220 HP, and enthusiasts finally got to experience the joys of working a 4-speed manual transmission. This unique 1957 Corvette convertible has been driven just over 6,000 miles since The Last Detail of Chicago specially restored it for a three-time NBA championship-winning Chicago Bulls basketball player. As part of the restoration, the driver’s foot well was extended and a custom seat installed, both to accommodate his height. The car was recently returned and the original seat reinstalled, but the foot well remains as modified, with the result that someone of considerable stature can drive this Corvette in comfort. Its fresh two-tone Silver paint shimmers, the bright Red interior offers a dramatic contrast and the classic '50s look is brought home by full-sized spinner wheel covers and wide Whitewall tires. Equipped with a performance camshaft and four-barrel carburetor on an aluminum intake manifold, the car’s 283 CI V-8 delivers an estimated 300 horses to a close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission. Source: