In 1954, total production of the Corvette reached less than a quarter of projected numbers, with only 3,640 Corvettes built in the four different color combinations available that year. Options included Polo White, Sportsman Red and Black all paired with the timeless Red interior, or Pennant Blue complemented by Beige interior treatments. Even with such low production numbers, as a testament to the quality and popularity achieved by Corvette in just its second year of sales, the October 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics included the results from a survey of American Corvette owners. Of respondents, nearly 40 percent had owned foreign sports cars, and of them, an overwhelming 69 percent reported that the Corvette was equal to, or better than, the imports they had driven. GM dealers presented Corvette drivers with a full range of accessories, and in reality each unit that rolled off the assembly line came with each “option” already installed. It seems the Corvette’s builders were single-minded about what makes a sports car great; fortunately, they nailed it perfectly. 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster This treasure shows in the year’s most popular color combination, and today’s most iconic Corvette paint scheme: Polo White with Red interior. A 235 CI Blue Flame Six engine, a Powerglide automatic transmission, and whitewall tires with full wheel covers are also present. In addition, this late-production 1954 Corvette roadster offers what was truly a high-tech innovation for the time: an AM radio with signal-seeking features that ensure the best possible audio quality. With such low production numbers for the ’54 vintage, this Corvette is rare treat. Source: