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1973 Ford GT-40


1973 Ford GT-40The mythical Ford GT-40 has been coveted by Ford enthusiasts since the day it appeared on the scene. This magnificent automobile was the idea of Henry Ford II, to bring attention to the high performance vehicles that Ford was capable of producing. He started the Ford Advanced Vehicles Division in Slough, England to break Ferrari’s dominance of road racing. This high performance sports car emerged as the primary adversary of Ferrari. The most historic event was the 24 Hours of LeMans in June, 1966. In that race, Ford not only prevented Ferrari from winning a sixth straight title, but also finished one, two, and three. In 1966, the GT-40 Mark 3 was introduced, which was a street version of the race cars. Years later, the GT-40 was repackaged and re-released as the Ford GT, on an extremely limited basis.

Original Examples of Ford’s GT40 are Now Mega Valuable


Superformance GT40 Le Mans CoupesHard though it may be to believe, Ford’s iconic GT40 is currently celebrating its 50th birthday and, with values of the original 130-plus cars heading ever skywards, the opportunity to own one would seem to have passed most of us by. But help is at hand, for Le Mans Coupes Ltd is the UK agent for the unique Superformance continuation cars – contemporary GT40s so accurate that over 70 percent of the parts are interchangeable with those of the original examples; not least the all-steel monocoque chassis and famous sandwich roof.