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Should I use Synthetic Oil in my Classic Muscle Car?


Should I use Synthetic Oil in my Classic Muscle CarThere are basically two types of oil that you can put in your classic muscle car’s engine; conventional and synthetic.  Conventional motor oils are distilled from crude, pumped-out-of-the-ground, oil and are the kind of oil that has been used in internal combustion engines for over 100 years. About 20 years ago, synthetic motor oils entered the marketplace. These are essentially “designer motor oils” that are created from a blend of pure hydrocarbon compounds.  Synthetic motor oils are superior to conventional oils in virtually all respects.  They are more slippery, hold up better in temperature extremes, last longer, and can provide superior lubrication to internal rubber and other materials. They even contribute to higher gas mileage.

1970 Dodge Charger RT Race Hemi Setup


1970 Dodge Charger RT Race Hemi Setup - Muscle Cars Blog1970 Dodge Charger R/T Race Hemi Setup is today’s featured muscle car. As you can see from the pictures, this is a completely restored classic muscle car with the following upgrades:

The suspension was completely upgraded with a full Hotchkis Suspension Kit including sub-frame connector. The Braking system was upgraded with a Wilwood disc system. The 440 engine was replaced with a “true vintage race hemi engine” with a dual plug setup with original Accel dual head distributor and a cross-ram intake. The engine was completely rebuilt with the street in mind – 425 HP Plus…

The transmission is a 727 Automatic with a reverse manual valve body, meaning you shift gears on the console. (PRN123) More than $80K was spent on this drive-line. You will not find another engine setup like this. Custom exhaust with ceramic coated pipes and Magnaflow system make the Charger shake the ground. The Body and Paint are spectacular with the Mango Orange color. Read more!