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1969 Berger Corvette 427 VERY RARE 1 OF 2


1969 Berger Corvette 427 VERY RARE 1 OF 2 - Muscle Cars BlogThis 1969 Berger Corvette 427 is VERY RARE 1 OF 2 only made. You are looking at a very rare piece of automotive history.  This Corvette was produced by Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is one of only two corvettes Berger produced.  They are well known for their Camaro’s and to this day are still offering their power pack options which cost between $40,000 and $60,000 for their modifications.  Unlike many high performance chevy dealers Berger is still family owned and still in existence today (unlike Yanko and many others).

This corvette has a 427 tri-power which started as a 400 horse car and as far as we know, they modified to at least 450 horse.  It is a very high option car, it has both tops.  It also has the original build sheet and window sticker.  The only option that was changed on the car is the deluxe wheels that is on the tank sticker to the rally wheels which I think most would agree look better on the car. Click on Read more for exclusive and rare images!