2013 BMW 7 –Series – Leads In Engineering and Technology


BMW like any reputable auto-manufacturer is keeping up with all the motoring trends of 2013 with it’s the 7-Series sedans, and has refreshed its latest range extensively/

Exterior of the 2013 BMW – 7 Series

Although from the outside the 2013 BMW 7 Series looks very similar to 2012’s package, having given it only a minimum revamp it offers an all-new set of V-8 engines, a revamped ActiveHybrid7 model, 8-speed automatic transmissions, and a new batch of infotainment systems as well as an higher version of the iDrive interface mode.

There’s plenty to enthuse about the 2013 fifth generation of the 7-Series with its nice amount of kick to the shape, more kick in its tail, and with a longer-wheelbase adding, another 5.5 inches of back-seat legroom. Front cabin seats in the new 7-Series are slimmer, more curvy exclusive of adjustable thigh bolsters, if you haven’t had these out on a long road trip will give you an ache free trip. The 7-Series has a reputation for offering superb, multi variant-adjustable seats good for keeping your body you sore-free over long stretches of treacherous roads.

For 2013, all 7-Series models now get an air suspension system, as well as dynamic damping, which enables the driver to fine-tune the ride and handle responsiveness dictated to by road conditions. Also for 2013, new muted ambient lighting, better sound insulation, and other small changes to the interior make it a more comfortable and give a more peaceful ride.  In the 750i models, the dual-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 now engines out 445 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Also featuring the V-8 is the performance driven Alpina B7, which fires 540 horsepower and followed by 538 pound-feet of rotational power.

Goodies in the driver assistance package include an Sensitized Active Speed Control system with Halt & Start. This will halt the vehicle to a complete stop if the driver doesn’t respond to waiting traffic. Also an Attention Assist Warning system monitors the driver’s behavior and displays a coffee cup picture if it detects a level of fatigue.

Interior of the 2013 BMW – 7 Series

A Driver Assistance Package features are available with rear spot detection, a lane-change warning system that vibrates the wheel when the car moves from its lane. Read more about the 7 Series interior on the BMW of Towson Reviews.

An updated version of BMW’s iDrive soft-ware has been added in all 7 Series models. There is a real time new navigation system, which adds 3D elements to the display, thanks to the powerful 1.3-GHz processor and a 3D graphics card, improving the overall ease and delivery speed of the system as well. And what makes this latest iDrive soft-ware better is its updated the menu system, updated navigation displays, and voice control–including voice-to-text features and other voice editing software.

An upscale backs-seat entertainment package brings an iDrive controller and two 9.2-inch screens fitted behind the back of the front seats. rather than integrated into them.

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