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Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition Price Revealed


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition Price Revealed - Muscle Cars BlogThe current incarnation of the Chevrolet Corvette is a vehicle that manages to offer outstanding
performance. We are talking about the entire Corvette range here, as all the incarnations of the vehicle have proven to be able to offer a hard time to European contenders.

Knowing this, we can only be thrilled when thinking about the 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition. This a track-ready beast that makes extensive use of goodies to offer enthusiasts an extreme experience.

The vehicle showed its face to the world in March this year, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but General Motors left us waiting for a price and a release date. Read more!

Romeo Ferraris Supercharged Corvette Z06


Romeo Ferraris Supercharged Corvette Z06 - Muscle Cars BlogWe’ve always had a special attraction for performance runner-up vehicles. We are referring to those cars that are included in the “go-fast segment” but have a “Number two” status in their range. One example is the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which was the king of the ‘Vette range until GM released the ZR-1 model.

It seems like our sympathy for this kind of vehicles is shared by Romeo Ferraris. The Italian tuner has released a complex modification pack that is aimed at placing the Z06 above the factory stock ZR1.

The vehicle’s 7 liter LS7 V8 engine received a Vortex supercharger, an air-to-air aluminum intercooler, a blow-off valve, high-capacity fuel pump and injectors, as well as an ECU remap. The Italian tuning house has also added a custom exhaust. Read more!

1979 Custom Corvette by John Greenwood


1979 Custom Corvette by John Greenwood - Muscle Cars Blog1979 wide-body Corvette designed by Corvette racing legend John Greenwood. Black Beauty with red interior and desirable L82. Mirror finish black paint against red leather. Loaded with options including the performance L82 motor, matching numbers and completely stock engine, transmission and interior with less than 18,200 original miles, down to the original factory AM/FM player. Motor compartment is detailed and fully serviced. The 235/60R15 BFGoodrich tires are brand new, all the rubber is brand new, and the glass and trim are very good. Additional options and accessories include glass tops, power disc brakes, power steering, aluminum wheels, polished aluminum valve covers, spoiler integrated to the body, wide fenders, side air vents, power windows, power antenna, tilt telescopic wheel, air conditioning, rear defog and cruise control. – The Ultimate Blog for American Muscle Cars and Muscle Vehicles

Track To Street: Corvette Racing Series, Episode 4


Corvette Racing and Green Racing: As part of the Michelin Green X Challenge, the team explains the greener aspects of the Corvette Z06 racing models. – The Ultimate Blog for American Muscle Cars and Muscle Vehicles

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept - Muscle Cars BlogChevrolet Corvette. Let’s start with the fact that last year, Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of global design, invited GM’s 10 styling studios to submit design proposals and some of the results were “absolutely phenomenal”. He also added – “There is a lot to pick from. The direction that we take is very important, and the decision has not been made.”

Obviously this move from GM are aimed to attract buyers in Europe, where the car has little appeal, and young U.S. buyers. According to The Power Information Network, the current average age of a Corvette buyer is 54. Critics says it looks big with a cheap-looking interior. Welburn agrees with the interior “problem” – “The execution, materials selection–it’s got to be a much better interior. Our customers desire that.” And we’ll add what industry says – a redesign is due in two to three years.

Welburn compares today’s Corvette with Porsche 911 – they are about the same size, but the styling makes it look larger. Let’s cite Welburn again – “We have to develop a design that feels trimmer, meaner, to go along with the incredible performance that the car has.” He also intended it’s about time for development of the Corvette, but the new Corvette can’t be so far away in concept than today’s Corvette. – The Ultimate Blog for American Muscle Cars and Muscle Vehicles

Gary Kuck’s ’60 Corvette


Gary Kuck's 1960 Corvette - Muscle Cars BlogGary owns approximately 80 hot rods, customs, muscle cars, and classics, every one of which is a driver, and any one of which would have been welcome at the Americruise. Boesch Hot Rod Concepts in Humphrey, Nebraska, built the Corvette in 2003, but not for Gary. It belonged to a friend of his, but Gary had always shown interest in it. Gary’s wife Sue finally bought the car and gave it to him as a Christmas present in 2004. When the Corvette first showed up at Boesch, it was a former fuel-injected car with no engine and a mangled front clip. Rather than restore the car to its original condition, the decision was made to build it as a one-of-a-kind custom. The factory frame was replaced with a custom full-tube skeleton hanging more up-to-date Corvette components and Air Ride Technologies ShockWaves air shocks.

Auctioned Corvette Z06 Special Edition – For Haiti


Official Press Release:
Scottsdale, Ariz. – Earthquake relief efforts in Haiti will receive all proceeds from the auction of a limited edition 2008 Chevrolet Corvette at this weekend’s 39th annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction.

The proceeds, which will be donated to the American Red Cross relief fund, are in addition to a $100,000 contribution from the GM Foundation to the Red Cross.

“This is a very good example of the compassion GM employees have,” said Ed Welburn, Vice President of GM Design. Welburn will call the vehicle to the stage to start the bidding process at the event.