Right-Hand Drive Camaro in Australia


Right-Hand Drive Camaro in Australia - Muscle Cars BlogFor all of you, who live in Australia – GM’s decision a few days ago will not affect Performax’s plans to import, modify and sell Camaros.

According to Performax, about 250 hours of work per Camaro are needed for the left-hand drive to right-hand conversion. All these modifications inolve changes to steering, emissions equipment, lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation and body – all parts used by Performax are ISO-accredited.

“Performax International was first in Australia with the Camaro and we have achieved factory-standard engineering and finish quality in producing right-hand drive versions. Whatever any other importer decides to do or not do, Performax is proud to have the first and best RHD Camaros and we expect plenty will be finding their way to owners around Australia”, said Performax International General Manager Glenn Soper.

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